Easy and safe to use, a fire extinguisher for everyone who likes classics.

20-years product
life expectancy

2-years warranty

Uporaba aparat

The fire extinguisher is used for extinguishing initial fires, especially for extinguishing burning fats and oils in restaurants, kitchens, cantinas, engine houses, workshops, farms, warehouses, etc. Used for fires of classes A, B and F.


  • Manual usage.
  • Usable everywhere.
  • Human and environment friendly.
  • Minimal fire extinguishing ability (2L): 8A, 113B, 25F.
  • Minimal fire extinguishing ability (6L): 27A, 144B, 75F.
  • 2-years warranty.

Technical characteristics

Dimension: 375 mm x Ø 100 mm / 580 mm x Ø 150 mm
Combined weight: 4,0 kg / 10,2 kg
Volume: 2 l / 6 l


In Slovenia Bonpet liquid was tested by The Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute in Ljubljana (IP 653/99-530-2: extinguishing an oil fire in the kitchen, P 651/99-530-1: extinguishing a fire of highly flammable fluids).