1. What shall I do with the extinguishing ampoule BONPET after 10 years?

Extinguishing ampoule BONPET has a 10-year warranty and lifetime. In the meantime, maintenance and service are not required. After 10 years, we cannot guarantee proper functioning, because at that time the effectiveness of the liquid due to various external influences (eg. exposure to fluctuations in temperature) is reduced and no longer ensures the effective operation and extinction of fire. Ampoules BONPET that have expired must be proper recycled.


2. What shall I be careful with ampoule BONPET?

The ampoule is made of glass and it is necessary to ensure that it stays undamaged. In the case of dismantling ampoules (eg. for cleaning) it is required caution with the re-composition and make sure that the glass is not damaged. Particularly sensitive is the part where the ampoule is welded (pointy part).


3. Can extinguishing ampoule BONPET also be used in other outbreaks of fire in the home?

In case you are present in the room at the outbreak of the fire you may also use ampoule Bonpet manually. You can do that by detach it from the medium on which it is attached to and throw it against a wall or ceiling (above the fire) as close to the fire as it gets, so that the ampoule BONPET shatter and spray the solution and at the moment suffocate the flames. In the event that the oil stove or flammable substance is covered with flame, do not throw ampule directly to the burning oil or substance, but in the wall directly over the fire so that the extinguishing fluid sprays over the burning surface.

For manual use with take and throw method we suggest BONPET grenades.  


4. What about when fire breaks out in the electrical wiring and you would like to extinguish the fire by throwing the ampoule BONPET?

In this case, discard ampoule BONPET next to power outlet. Direct goal of extinguishing liquid can cause a short circuit. Extinguishing itself (the solution is activated) it does not cause any damage to the wiring or devices.


5. ... can ampoule make some additional damage on the electrical components in electrical boxes?

Fires in electrical cabinets are usually the result of an electrical short circuit, which as consequence causes turn off of electric current – which means that the ampoule will activate when the electric current is already switched off. 
Another possibility is (if there is the fire outbreak from different cause not the shortcut) a fire itself will cause the shortcut and switching off the electrical current. 
From the above two aspects the answer to the often asked questions about the excesses of power and consequential damages, caused by fires itself and extinguishing with BONPET ampoules (in electrical cabinets and other electrical devices) is that upon activation of the ampoules BONPET the electrical current, as a rule, is already deactivated. The extinguishing with BONPET ampoules does not cause any additional / collateral damage.
If there is a fire in the upper part of the electrical cabinets there is a possibility that the lower part of the cabinets will not be fully damaged and will be with the appropriate cleaning again useful.


6. How do I clean extinguishing ampoule BONPET?

Ampoule can be cleaned with detergent and water but do not rub it with aggressive detergent powder composition, not with diluents.

The ampoule should not be cleaned in the dishwasher!

How to clean ampoele BONPET you can find on this link.


7. Why should I buy fire ampoules BONPET?

Automatic extinguishing ampoule BONPET is intended to provide additional fire protection at increased fire risk. It works completely automatically, without human intervention, and represents a further and a high standard of protection (eg. comprehensive insurance for the car). Considering that the life expectancy of the ampoule is 10 years and during that period it is not related to any additional maintenance costs the price is more than favorable (low) for that extra security.


8. Where can I buy extinguishing ampoule BONPET?

Please contact your local dealer or write us to info@bonpet.si


9. Where is BONPET to be installed? And How?

Please follow this link.